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Jim Rempe Cue Ball

Price: $49.99

2-sided 2"1/4 training cue ball + 56-page instructions booklet in English, French and Spanish.

For beginners and advanced players.

Concept and design by Jim Rempe

Has a beginner AND advanced player side to assist you in your progress.

The two unique ball patterns will help you:

see where to hit the cue ball for spin (English)

develop a better stroke by teaching a more accurate delivery of your cue stick to the cue ball

optimize the rebound angle on ball and cushion for a better position on the next shot

The kit includes:

 A Belgian Aramith cue ball with 2 different embedded patterns under the surface of the ball to make them wear-resistant

The Jimmy Rempe special pool training manual. With 13 detailed drawings, each showing multiple variations, this 56-page pocket-size manual will show you clearly how you can use the patterns to fully control the cue ball